Jackie Barlow

Cannabis Coach



Over the last 7 years I grew my career as a quality assurance executive in the wellness industry.  I have a business degree (B.B.A. Marketing), and have been to a considerable amount of wellness trainings and seminars.  Being surrounded by great food, knowledge, and forward thinkers I made amazing connections that helped catapult me to launch my own buinessness. 

I am an edibles business owner in the Michigan medical market.  A company really birthed out of a need... the sad scene of what was being passed as "medicine" motivated me to create a truly medicinal product - that tasted great! We specialize in vegan, high quality products.

As a Global Sisterhood circle facilitator I know we have been encaged by 'shoulds' and 'conventions'. Our self doubt....  a cultural inheritance.

But good news - Change starts from within and once sparked inspires impactful action. It is the time to rise, be honored, celebrated, and embraced. By living our fullest life we can bring greater peace, compassion, wisdom, intuition, and harmony to this world.

I believe we all have a higher calling, and that may evolve over time. In this current moment I am being called to be a functional cannabis coach. Lets uncover your calling!

When you follow your heart the world conspires on your behalf.

Cheers to growing, shedding suffering, and living a healthy, thriving life!